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Operation Babylift Kids Stories

Operation Babylift Kids' Stories

 I have spent the last twenty years fellowshipping with the kids from Operation Babylift. These "kids" are grown now and many have families of their own.
This is a space for you to share a photo and story.

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Safi Thi-Kim Submitted by Safi Thi-Kim Felce

       My name is Safi Thi-Kim Felce and I too survived the crash. I am 27 years old now and still it bothers me. My feelings are mixed and even though I am older now. I don't think the pain and emotional scars will ever go away. I suffered with a fractured skull, two broken legs and brain damage.
        I actually went back to Vietnam nearly five years ago. I was filmed out there for a documentary on Vietnamese War Orphans. It was very emotional for me but it was something I have always wanted to do. One of the main reasons was to pay my respects to the others that died. In a way I was "laying the ghost" yet it still "haunts me".
        Up until now, I have only kept in touch with the ones that were on the crash, but since Sister Susan got in touch with me again, I have had quite a few e-mails from other adoptees and crash survivors. I am happy that we can keep in touch and possibly meet one day. The thing is, I live in England and kind of feel alone out here. It seems that everyone went to America or Australia!! I know a few went to England but I don't know where. “I hope you have found comfort in me and any others that may have contacted. Up until now, I have only kept in contact with another from the crash and it has really helped me. I am glad of others that I can talk with and share similar feelings with. I will tell you a little about myself.
         I live in Northampton, England and have done so since arriving here. I also have a brother who is Vietnamese too. My parents adopted him first before they got me. I got a lot of media attention when I arrived and was in the local papers and television. I think it was because my brother and I were the only Vietnamese adoptees in Northampton. I suppose for a while I grew up confused and wondering if I was English or Vietnamese.
        Anyway I have always been interested in my roots and origins, so much so that I married a Vietnamese here. (He came over by boat with his family). My marriage didn't work out because of the culture difference s. but from it I have two children.
       As I said, I was glad of my return trip to Vietnam. It was very emotional for me but it was something I had to do. I was filmed out there for a documentary. You might have heard or seen it. It was called "Children of the Ashes".

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